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Half masks with bayonet connection (Made in Europe)


Easy and fast maintenance
It can be disassembled in less than a minute making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

New mask 25% lighter
The reduction in the thickness of the oronasal allowed a 25% reduction in the weight of the half mask, which appears to be among the lightest on the market.

Nuovo mascherino frontale con sistema di aggancio/sgancio rapido ed elastici scorrevoli, che permettono di togliere ed abbassare la semimaschera senza rimuovere la testiera.

Head harness
Thinner and lighter head harness, with a quick adjustment, allowing excellent compatibility with other PPE.

Bayonet connection (b-lock)
This connection is highly intuitive, allowing a quick and safe hold on the mask. It has a locking feedback allowing the user to know if the filter has been properly placed.

BLS 4000next b-lock half mask

PriceFrom CHF18.35
Excluding Sales Tax
  • If not available, delivery in 1-2 weeks.

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