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Ready to use and maintenance free half mask. Made in Europe.


Simple like a disposable, protecting like a reusable
This mask combines the simplicity of disposable products with the protection of the reusable ranges offering an easy-to-implement and certified protection against both particles and gases.


Activated carbons
The quality of the activated carbons used by BLS for the filtration of gases and vapours meets high standards of safety ensuring excellent filtration performances. They are produced without toxic additives such as Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI).


The facepiece is made of a durable thermoplastic elastomer.


Design and visual field
The shape of the mask offers a perfect seal without any unpleasant pressure on the nose or mouth of the user. It also allows high visibility and low interference with the visual field thanks to the lower positioning of the filters and to its compact size.


Filter protective layer
It's an external layer that ensures the protection of the filtering material from dirt, dust and liquids as well as the normal mechanical stress due to prolonged use thus extending and preserving filtering efficiency and making the device safer.


New attachment/release system and sliding elastics, which allow you to remove and lower the half mask without removing the head harness.

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PriceFrom CHF 26,75
Excluding Sales Tax
  • If not available, delivery in 1-2 weeks.

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