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  • Headband Dimensions: A: 6mm B: 20mm C: 38mm


The Zenex ™ No. 410 Security Lock  of Master Lock in thermoplastic material features a plastic body, with metal headband 38 mm high and 6 mm in diameter - 38 mm wide Designed exclusively for insulation / signaling applications, the durable, lightweight and non-conductive body of the padlock it is easy to transport and features a high security cylinder with key extraction lock to ensure the padlock is not left unlocked.

Product features

  • Safety padlock in thermoplastic material 410
  • Thermoplastic body 38 mm wide and 44 mm high and 38 mm long headband
  • Designed exclusively for protective locking applications
  • Padlock body in resistant, light and non-conductive thermoplastic material
  • Customizable on site with permanent labels
  • Consistent with "One employee, one lock, one key" best practice
  • High security cylinder for sensitive conditions
  • Key Extraction Lock - ensures that the padlock is not left unlocked
  • With differentiated keys, 6-pin cylinder with over 40,000 key variants available, shelf pack qty 6, master carton qty 36

Safety padlocks 410

CHF19.50 Regular Price
CHF17.55Sale Price
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  • Available in 2 - 3 weeks.

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