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Cup filter facepieces (Made in Europe)


The disposable filtering facepiece 103V FFP3 NR D guarantees the protection of the respiratory tract against solid particulates and aerosols. The cup shape, the elastic headband fixed on four points, the external adapter that can be molded on the filter material ensure excellent adaptability for most facial profiles. The exhalation valve lowers the breathing resistance and decreases the humidity inside the filtering facepiece making breathing safer even in humid or very hot workplaces. The 103V FFP3 NR D filtering facepiece protects the user against solid and liquid particles.



• shipyards

• welding

• Pharmaceutical industry

• Chemical industry

• Foundries

• Construction

FFP3 NR EN149 CE - 103V

PriceFrom CHF21.35
Excluding Sales Tax
  • If not available, delivery in 1-2 weeks.

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