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Duck shaped filtering facepieces (Made in Europe)


2-panel duck shaped design
The mask adapts to all kinds of faces with different sizes and shapes, it is comfortable to wear and easy to store when not worn.

Nose clip
It is internally positioned between the layers of filtering material and adapts perfectly to the profile of the nose and eyes ensuring good visibility and great compatibility with glasses.

It prevents internal mask contamination, in direct contact with the face, before and after use and it is ideal for intermittent use, as it does not get ruined if kept in a pocket.

Exhalation barrier, it protects the environment from the wearer. It is ideal in the food industry, in the medical field and in all working environments where potential contamination by the wearer must be avoided.

Single packed
The individual hygienic packaging also protects the respirator from any contamination before use, allowing practical storage and distribution in the workplace through vending machines.

FFP2 NR EN149 CE - 502

PriceFrom CHF11.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • If not available, delivery in 1-2 weeks.

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